Friday, July 17, 2015


If you want to move the heart of person, speak the Word of God.  Nothing will transform, heal, or bring truth to change the situation expect the power of God’s Word.  It’s truly what changed my life!  God’s Word is the richest treasure I possess, it’s filled my heart with life.  Yet, I also hold another book dear to my heart, it’s my purple journal.  Why is this journal so important to me?  It holds every prophetic promise ever spoken over my life and Scriptures during my prayer time with God.  Its truth for my life or precious reminders when I am wrestling with believing them.  During my difficult moments of doubt, trials, or when the enemy tempts me to quit I will read those precious words to encourage myself in the Lord.  We must understand our life is a journey but the promises of God will keep us on the right path.

As I have been waiting for God’s promise to come, God has been preparing me to receive it.  It’s a Scriptural principle displayed in the life of anyone who you study in Scripture.  Inside her womb Rebekah was very uncomfortable and she inquired of the Lord about it.  When she inquired of the Lord, He spoke a prophetic word about the twins inside her womb. (Genesis 25:23)  Instead of trusting God to bring the prophetic promise into Jacob’s life, Rebekah deceived her husband and taught her son to do the same.  As a result of their unwillingness to trust God, it destroyed their family.  Esau lost not only his birthright but his blessing through Jacob’s deception.  As a result Esau wanted to kill Jacob for his deception, so he had to flee.  Fleeing from your sins will lead you to a place of isolation from family, friends, and into the desert.  Yet, what’s so remarkable God is greater than the desert we enter.  God spoke to Jacob in a dream about his life.  (Genesis 28:10-15)  God will give us dreams and visions to follow, so we run after Him. 
Nevertheless, God’s transforming us through the process so the dream turns into a reality. 

Before our weekly Bible study my husband and I were sharing with our pastor about a house we wanted to buy.  We couldn’t wait to place our offer on it but it wouldn’t be until the following day.  As our Bible class got started, I was trying to find a passage of Scripture on my phone to share, I forgot my Bible.  So, I went into the sanctuary to get a Bible, so I could read it.  As I was walking back into the class, I found a dollar bill inside.  My facial expression looked confusing to my husband but he didn't inquire.  So, I walked over to my pastor, I slid the dollar near his hand.  I wasn’t focused on the dollar bill but the Word.  When pastor looked at it he said, “Tina, this if for you!”  Read what’s on the dollar bill.  It read, “You have been blessed.”  At that moment my heart was rejoicing!  God’s promise was upon me!  Nevertheless, it hasn’t been an easy journey to get to the blessing but it’s been worth it.

Jacob had to learn how to handle the blessings before he could inherit the promise.  It was a journey started with an encounter with God at Bethel, training under his father-in-law, and eventually lead to his promised destination.  Jacob’s promised destination was his homeland.  God’s always on the road to bring reconciliation to our life’s but we have to confront "our Esau." Oh, we don’t want to confront Esau!  It’s a reminder of who we deceived, hurt, and painful memories of the past.  Keep in mind several years have passed, Esau and Jacob have married and have children.  Yet, Rebekah never called back for Jacob, it was God who led him back. 

It’s not always easy to close the door of our past but we must if we want to enter the future.  Jacob’s fear brought him to his knees; Esau was coming with an army of men.  So, Jacob prepares for the worst, he divides his flocks, herds, camels, and his family.  If we truly want the blessings of God, we must understand an important fact-they come with a price.  Are you willing to pay the price for the blessing?  What if God asks you to make amends with your family?  Or work for your father-in-law’s business?  If we want the blessings of God, we have to walk where God instructs us.  Or are we really willing to to wrestle in prayer for a night?  Jacob wanted God’s protection, promise, and provision for his family but he had to be changed to receive it.  Read Jacob’s prayer in Genesis 32:9-12. 

Humility causes us to realize we don't have the power to change the circumstances, we have to seek the Lord.  If our circumstances cause us to fall upon our knees; we are in position for victory.  
Jacob went to a place called Jabbok (which means wrestle) to be alone in the dark.  So, what's causing darkness to enter your life?  Do you feel alone in this dark hour?  When the night is cold, dark, and tiresome it's time to wrestle with God!  Each day is filled with new opportunity, to grow deeper in our relationship with God, and to receive God's blessing but we have to be in position.

All of Jacob's thoughts were worrisome, coming to face his mistakes, and the responsibility of protecting of his family weighted heavy upon him.  He sent his family and possessions ahead of him, he wanted to be alone.  He was trying to make plans without consulting God's will or remembering what God promised.  Being alone with God is so vital; he learn how to wrestle in prayer until he touched God.  So, many questions, so many doubts, and burdens would be lifted if we learned to seek God until peace is found.  It seems we no longer what to pray through; we just what a "bless you."   If we truly want to be blessed or favored of God, we must be changed.  Our heart must be so hungry for God we will wrestle until daybreak.  Light comes only when we receive the light! 

Yet, it's at daybreak, we realize God was always present!  He was with us during our darkest night!  He didn't leave our side, He was so close.  Although our desperation caused us to fall upon our knees; we arise walking in blessing for touching Him.  Jacob's identity was change; he had a new name-Israel which means "triumphant with God."  Dreams are God's handiwork to drive us to hunger for His will but the greatest change is our heart.  It's only when we allow God to change our lives, our enemies can't touch us.  No matter if the past is brought up, it doesn't define who I am.  Nevertheless, the true change of my life will be evident when we met, our enemies will see our blessings.  How do we know Jacob was really changed?  Jacob’s hands wanted to give a blessing to his brother, he returned what he stole. 

Friday, July 10, 2015


Burnt walls, families destroyed, and nothing left of your heritage-a choice has to be made. Yet, what do we do when we hear the news?  Do we turn away?  Or does it touch our heart within?  Does it cause our faith to act?  Nehemiah had a decision to make: either to continue to living in the comfort of the palace or help his brothers and sisters.  Nevertheless, he was broken over what was happening to his people, his homeland.  Can you image your heritage being destroyed?  The temple is destroyed where he worshiped, the flag wasn’t waving, the king was captured, and family and friends are gone.  Only memories, his faith in God, and his heritage could fuel his mission but it started in his brokenness.

Only in brokenness can God move the heart to bring change, vision, and courage.

Nehemiah didn’t blame anyone or attack anyone, he went before the throne of God.  It wasn’t just a small devotional time, he sought God day and night for a period of four months.  Besides praying for an extensive period of time, Nehemiah couldn’t adequately perform his occupation-a cup bearer.  When the king questioned saw his countenance, he knew it was from sadness of heart. (Nehemiah 2:2)  We can either blame each other or we can build again.  We are standing upon a crossroad upon this nation; one that’s quiet overwhelming.  Sin is very powerful; it has the ability to destroy lives and nations.  Choices always have a consequence, there is no escape.  The day of the Lord is coming!  It will be as thief in the night! (2 Peter 3:10)  No one can escape this day, no one.  If the recent events didn’t make this clear, we are either blind or asleep. 

As I read the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, my heart was just completely shattered.  No words.  I just quietly meditated, prayed, and keep waiting for the Spirit to speak.  As I started praying God keep reminding me of the word “remnant” or stories in Scripture where one or a small group of believers made a difference.  When Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed only three believers were left, Lot and his two daughters. (Genesis 19:16-26)  Jesus trained and taught twelve men who would transform the world for the Gospel. (Matthew 10:12)  Esther was only a voice to go before the throne to stand for her people but she had the courage to do right.  (Esther 8:1-4)

"Then Mordecai told them to reply to Esther, "Do not imagine that you in the king's palace can escape any more than all the Jews.   "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father's house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?" Esther 4:13-14

As I have been thinking about the different stories in Scripture, I can't help but realize two important truths: our decisions lead us to this horrible state and we desperately need God, an awakening!  As children of God we have been enjoying the king’s palace but we are neglecting our heritage.  We are neglecting our responsibility to our brothers and sisters, we are silent.  Silence is the most destructive force; it allows darkness to keep talking.  Darkness will keep talking until a light shines; it only needs one.  So, are we going to be the one light? 

God placed us upon this earth for such a time as this; to be a voice.

If we never stand up for truth; we will never see change.  Esther didn't miss out on the opportunity to deliver her people; she fasted and prayed before going to the king. Yet, the king granted to her entrance to hear her voice.  Being a light is important; it’s commanded by Christ. (Matthew 5:14)  We are to be the light of the world.  So, continue to love God, read the Word, pray, and live a godly life before man.  Wickedness and sin will be upon this earth until the end but it doesn’t mean I have to partake of it.  Nevertheless, regardless of what sin we discuss; it’s still sin that separates us from a relationship with God.  If we don’t preach the Gospel, someone could miss their opportunity for eternity.  It’s a very sobering thought but its truth.  Sin has an eternal consequence-death regardless of which one is discussed.  However Jesus paid with his life upon Calvary to remove the power and curse of sin for everyone.  Sadly, everyone will not accept this truth or the salvation but everyone does deserve the opportunity to hear the truth-Jesus paid for it.

So, where do we go from here?  What do we do as Christians?  If we never take a stand; we will never leave a mark. It's not time to shrink back in fear; it's time to be bold.  The disciples once spoke and the people were astonished at their words. What made their words so powerful? Being with Jesus! The people recognized who they represented, who taught them, and who they were devoted too.  We are here to be the church at this hour, God makes no mistakes.  Yet, my hearts cry is for the church to be awake from undisturbed sleep!  It’s time to be serious about our relationship with God, our responsibility for the great commission, and living a holy life so God’s love can draw others.  We can’t compromise now, we are here for such a time as this.

Awaken my Love by Tina Wetor    

Upon the earth he lurks to devour,
Any heart who will give him power.
Quietly he searches through the night,
Without a reflection of the light.
Love of destruction craves upon his eyes
Capturing the hopeless with his lies.
Sweet, seductive, empty lies to the broken;
Since the Truth isn’t spoken.
Open mouths of the grave await his mission.
Death will reveal his secret vision,
To torture the lives of the lost.
He doesn’t care what the cost.
Awake my love to reveal my light
It’s time to shine so bright.
Darkness desire to invade this hour,
Only my love can break its power.
Darkness has only one limitation,
Its powers fall when the Truth is spoken.
Abide in me, so my words abide in you;
Speak with boldness and love so true.
Only the Lord can turn darkness into light.
He is the only weapon to break the night.
Upon the hill, His love shown so bright
To reveal the deeds of the night.
As darkness lurks upon the streets,
The church nestles peaceful in an undisturbed sleep.
As the Father of Light beckons the call,
Arousing the love of church to hear the call.
Awaken my love, it’s time to shine.
Awaken my love, there isn’t much time.
Although the light is a dim flickering; I will burn deep
Hear my pleading, awaken my love from undisturbed sleep.
A smoldering wick, I will not snuff out
It’s time to let the light shine about
Darkness is coming; he is coming to your gate
Awaken love before it’s too late