Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are You Stubborn?

     We all have met people who are completely stubborn who are unwilling to move, change their mind, or opinion.  As my grandma would say, "You can lead a horse to the river but you can't make him drink."  It's a true statement but sometimes stubborness is necessary, especially in prayer. We need to have a faith that's unshakeable, determined for an answer, and stands on the truth regarless of what's happening.  It seems this is a trait so many Christian's don't possess anymore, we have become too passive in prayer.  Oh, I prayed about it, God will do the rest.  Yes, this is true.  Does the request move you?  If it's the deepest desire of your heart, why would you give up?

     As a parent, we will have those occasions with our children who have the “gimmies.”  Usually in the supermarket, my children will see the mouthwatering candies, so there appetites get the best of them.  Sometimes without asking, I will tell my children to pick out something.  On other occasions, I only have a certain amount of money, so they have to wait.  Regardless of what I say, sometimes they will keep nagging until they get their way.  Honestly, I have caved in just to get the silence back but what parent hasn’t on occasion.
      Just recently, we had a bonfire at my house with some friends from church.  We were just praying for each other and worshipping the Lord.  As we sat down to rest, someone made a remark, “Well, if I prayed to Jesus once about something, I don’t need to bring it up again.”  She is a new Christian, so I remarked, “This isn’t what scripture teaches, so I will explain.”  Although I wasn’t raised in the church, I had two individuals who poured their lives into me: my mother and my Aunt Elaine.  Both of these lovely ladies taught me a powerful lesson of prayer, the art of praying through.  Sadly, it seems no one knows how to get ahold of the horns of the altar until an answer arrives or the persistence of faith.  Does God hear us the first time we pray?  Absolutely, He does.  Nevertheless, we don’t always realize what is happening in the spiritual realm, we are in war.  Daniel had to wait three weeks to get an answer of prayer due to the warfare taking place in the heavens. 
     Another example from the Old Testament, one of my favorites, Elisha had to pray through until God showed him the problem, 2 Kings 4:1-37.  In this story, a wealthy couple prepares a meal to feed the prophet but eventually they prepare a room for him.  On a particular travel, Elisha calls the woman to thank her for their generosity.  So, he gives her a couple of options but it doesn’t seem it’s the right one.  Elisha’s assistance advises they have no children and her husband is old.  Remember, in this culture for a woman not to have a male heir or a husband could be a frightening situation.  She was protected, provided for, and secure for her future.   Elisha prophesies to this woman, “About this time next year, you will hold a son in your arms.”  Just as Elisha said, the woman had a child.  The child grew up; he was healthy until one horrible day in the fields.  The child complained of a horrible headache, so the child was brought to his mother.  While she held the child in her arms, he died.  So, she lays the child on the bed of the prophet’s room.  She calls her husband to assist her with getting a donkey and a servant.  She is going to find the man of God.
     Although deep within she wanted a child, she didn’t want to be misled.  Maybe somewhere in the past, her heart was broken over the fact she would never have a child.  According to scripture, her husband is old, so she may have accepted the fact-she would never be a mother.  She didn’t want to be heartbroken or her hopes raised again.  Elisha prophesied a request deep within her heart, she is a mother.  The child is dead, so she goes to find him. God gave this child to her, a blessing from him.  However, at the moment, God doesn’t make sense, why would God take the child away?  The situation is hopeless, death is finally.  Nevertheless, she knows who spoke the truth and who walked with God.  She doesn’t stop until she finds the prophet.  Elisha sees her from a distance, so he calls his servant to find out what’s wrong with the woman.  The servant comes to her, “Are you ok?”  She responds, “Everything is all right.”  Do you see the faith of her heart?  She knows the moment she reaches the prophet; it’s going to be okay.  As she reaches him, she takes hold of his feet.  Deep within her soul, she knows he is the answer.  He isn’t moving until he responds, she has his feet.  However, look at what Elisha says, she is in bitter distress but the Lord has hidden it from me and has not told me why.”
      As she holds his feet, she pours her heart out to him.  She is upset for giving this child to her and raising her hopes.  Elisha sends his servant to her house but lay his staff on the child.  The servant lives them to obey Elisha’s command but the woman stays with the prophet.  As the servant arrives, he does what is requested but nothing happens.  So, the servant runs back to Elisha to give the report.  As Elisha reaches the house, the boy was lying dead on the couch.  Elisha goes inside the room, closes the door and prayed to the Lord.  Then he got on the bed and lay upon the boy, mouth to mouth, eye to eyes, and hands to hands.  As Elisha did this the body was warm but he wasn’t awake.  Elisha walks back and forth in the room and does the same thing again; the boy sneezes seven times and opens his eyes.
     Sometimes, we need to be stubborn with our requests; we need to hold onto the feet of Jesus until the answer comes.  We can’t give up!  Also, we can’t stop praying because it doesn’t happen the first time, we keep pressing in until God moves.  Faith sees the promise fulfilled; it doesn’t stop until it’s complete.  Whether God provides the miracle or the answer, we don’t back down.  During the conversation, I shared this story with my friend who was asking how to pray?  I responded, “If the request is really important to you, it doesn’t matter how many times you pray.”  “Keep seeking God till it comes, that’s faith.”  Be stubborn with your faith, don’t move until God moves you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Living Among the Dead

Sometimes as I read the Gospel accounts, I admit I get a little jealous of the disciples who got to see Jesus face to face.  While Jesus was on earth, the disciples were able to sit next to Him, eat with Him, and just listen to His voice.  Jesus personally invested in these disciples by teaching the principles, power, and promises of the kingdom.  Although they personally were able to be near the Lord, they didn’t always understand what He was teaching.   As they grew in the Lord or circumstances arose, the Spirit would give them understanding as they remembered His words.  So, this should be reassuring for us, we will not always understand what God is doing but He will reveal it at the right time.
     Remember the disciples walked closely with Jesus, so their hearts are very troubled about His death.  The disciples were expecting Jesus to establish a kingdom on earth, instead He is dead.  It seemed all of their hopes are dashed as His body enters the tomb.  Anyone who’s experienced a death of a loved one understands the torment of the heart, it’s very difficult.   Nothing can comfort the heart, the relationship is severed by death, yet death lost its sting. 
     Besides the disciples, Jesus had some devoted women who followed Him.  The first day of the week, early in the morning, some beloved followers of Christ come to preserve His body.  As their heavy hearts come to show their devotion, something tragic has happened, the stone is moved from the tomb.  As they enter the tomb, the body of Christ is gone.  These women are completely bewildered, as they ponder over it, two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them.  Who are these people?  Why are they here?  In their fright, these women fall prostrate to the ground before these men.  The men speak a profound statement, “Why do you look for the LIVING AMONG THE DEAD?  He is not here; he has risen! REMEMBER how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.”  Then they remembered his words. 
     Sometimes life can bring difficult circumstances in our lives, we will question if God really spoke it.  We had a personal encounter with God who assured us of His promise but life seems too hard.  Although God is in control, His promise seems so far from us.  Right now, we are barely holding on with our simple and small faith.  It can seem we need the same reminder as these women, “Why are you looking for the LIVING among the dead?  The power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ doesn’t just complete our salvation; it brings a hope for all mankind.  He is alive!  Although the tomb of life has been closed, Jesus appears to bring hope-the stone is rolled away.  No matter how dark, dangerous, or powerful the circumstances, Jesus defeated it.   The powers of Hell, death, and the grave lost the moment Jesus arose.  Our beloved Savior conquered it all for us; our salvation is complete through the death and resurrection of Christ.
Do you understand absolutely nothing can separate you from His love?  Nothing can separate you, even your circumstances.  As the story unfolds in Luke 24:1-12, these devoted women get to preach the very first message of the resurrection.  It wasn’t the disciples who preached the first message, it was the women.  As these women share the story with the disciples, they don’t understand or believe the women are talking nonsense.  Instead of discussing it, Peter runs to the tomb.  As he arrives to the tomb, the story is true-just as the women said.  Peter walks away completely wondering what happened, he doesn’t understand.   
     Will we always understand God’s ways?  No, we will not but we have to trust Him.  What these precious followers don’t understand, Jesus is in their midst, He is walking beside them.  As two men walk on the road of Emmaus, Jesus appears to uplift and teach them.  As He breaks bread with them, their eyes are opened to the truth-He is alive.  Jesus will not leave you in the heart of despair; He will uplift and teach your heart because He is alive.  So, quit looking at the death (your circumstances) and look to the living, Jesus Christ who is in our midst.


Friday, April 22, 2011


     Life without Christ, I can’t image it.  At this moment, I honestly can’t image what my life would be like except for emptiness and loneliness.  Who am I that He is mindful of me?  Mindful of me, it still rips my heart to the core the depth of the love of God.  Oh, I have seen movies portraying images, read stories of the magnitude but nothing compares to experiencing it.  Experiencing the love of God has changed my perspective, my purpose, and my life.  Love awakens the soul to experience life. 
     If the greatest need of mankind is love, God has lavishly expressed it to us.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were able to daily communicate intimately with God.  As eager lovers wait to see the sight of each other, so was the relationship with God.  In the cool of the day, God would arrive to dwell near them.  Never does the relationship suffer damage or separation until the moment the fruit was eaten.  At the moment, Adam and Eve realized they were naked of the presence of God.  As the cool of the day approaches, fear grips their hearts with bewilderment, what are we going to do?  Instead of dealing directly with the situation, Adam and Eve cloth themselves with fig leaves.  Don’t they realize the fig leaves will give them away?  Don’t they see it as obvious?  It’s a physical garment made by human hands without the ability to cover their nakedness.  Oh, maybe it can cover their physical nakedness from God’s view, so they think.  Yet, they don’t realize their nakedness is plainly exposed before God.      
       As they hear the sound of God walking in the garden, they hide behind the trees.  Although they covered their physical bodies, still they realize something is missing.  Inside their heart feelings of fear, rejection, and guilt overcome the ability to comprehend a solution.  So, they hide from Him.   As God enters the garden, He calls out to them.  Eagerly He is searching for their fellowship, communication, and unity.  Where could they be?  While God is calling, Adam and Eve are hiding behind the trees from His presence.  They are already covered with fig leaves, why are they hiding behind the trees?  It seems Adam and Eve started a trend for mankind, we keep trying to cover ourselves with anything to restore our soul.  The voices of fear, feeling exposed, and removing ourselves from God keeps us alone. 
     We realize God created the world, we accept this by faith.  Nevertheless, our lives are covered with guilt, so we keep God completely distant from us.  We have tried to cover up our nakedness but the fig leaves keep falling.  As Adam and Eve, we try to “fix” our lives so we can approach Him.  Deep within our hearts, we know we have failed or fallen short of God’s purpose-to know God.
     What’s so amazing about the garden account, we see God’s heart from the beginning.  Although Adam and Eve try to cover their sin, God is completely aware of it.  According to Genesis 3:10, “He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” Adam completely describes what the destructive power of sin can do-it brings isolation.  Sadly, so many people isolate themselves from God due to the trap of sin and Satan’s lies of deception.  The power of sin has entangled their lives, it’s against all hope.  Or is it?
     Have you ever heard of a mediator?  Well, a mediator is someone who goes between two parties to resolve an issue.  A moment’s sin can bring a lasting consequence for our actions.  Adam and Eve’s sin brought a lasting consequence upon them but it affected the entire human race.  The human race suffers from feeling isolated, afraid, and naked or feeling incomplete in life.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?”  “What is the purpose of life?”  The purpose of life is to actually quite simple, it’s to know God intimately.  Can we know God intimately?  Yes, we can.
Easter_001-1024x768.jpg image by rjgodswarrior     During the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin, God placed a plan in motion to redeem mankind to Him.  Although she ate the fruit first, Eve was given a promise of life being restored.  Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”  Although Satan tried to destroy mankind with his deception, God would restore them to Himself.  The scripture above is the first prophecy of coming of Jesus Christ who would die to redeem mankind.  Only through His redeeming work could we be reunited to God.  He is the only mediator between God and man who can bring wholeness to the relationship. 
     I Timothy 2:5-6 states, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men-the testimony given in its proper time.” 
      Jesus is the mediator, He understands our weakness.  He understands?  Yes, He was tempted in all ways, yet He was without sin.  Hebrews 4:15 shows, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are-yet without sin.”
     A question could be entering your mind, how could God love someone like me? I can answer this question, He loved someone like me.  Still after many years, the depth of God’s love astonishes me.  He reached me in a horrible place of isolation, pain, and abuse.  He didn’t leave me there, He got me out.  Life hasn’t always been easy but I have the intimacy of God to sustain me.  His love, grace, and truth have guided my life with no regrets.  Only through Christ have I found the meaning of life-love.  Nothing can transform someone’s life greatly except the power of knowing I am loved.  As God searched for Adam and Eve, so He is looking for you.  It’s time to stop hiding in your own guilt; it’s time to meet your mediator, Jesus Christ who can make you whole.  Just call on His name, He will answer.    

Monday, April 18, 2011

If God Said It, It's Done

     Regardless of the length of your relationship with God, sometimes life brings some very challenging moments.  All of those moments can challenge what we really believe, who we trust, and if we have the stamina.   Can I really do what God is calling me to?  What if I fail God?  Or what if I hurt the name of Christ?  What if I succeed, will I stay humble?  Sometimes, the “what if’s” can keep us from stepping out to trust God.  The Christian walk stays strong through an unshakeable trust, even if our knees our knocking.  It doesn’t mean we walk blindly to the circumstances surrounding us, we trust God always with the outcome or fulfillment of the promise.  Faith is overlooking the facts but accepting God’s promise to prevail.  Although Abraham is the “father of our faith”, he teaches us to keep the faith in the most impossible situations. 
     If anyone is familiar with the Bible, Abraham’s story of waiting for God’s promise teaches us some valuable truths.  First, life is going to bring challenges to completely oppose your faith.  In the physical, Abraham and Sarah couldn’t possibly have a child due to their age.  Abraham was about a hundred years old, so he wasn’t physically able to produce an heir.  Although his wife was a beautiful woman, physically she was still unable to carry a child.  According to Romans 4:18, “Against all hope” is how scripture describes the situation.  Does this sound like your situation?   
     Second, we need to be realistic about our situation; we need to face the facts. What were the facts for Abraham? He couldn’t fulfill God’s promise through his strength.  No matter what, Abraham couldn’t do it.  All of the odds were against him.  What are you waiting for?  What is the promise God has spoken to you?  What are the odds against you?  Is it time, money, or circumstances?  The beautiful truth of the situation, we can’t do it in our strength.  We have to rely on God to complete His promise.  The power of faith is resting in the character of God and the Truth of the Word without wavering.   During the waiting period, it’s easy to get impatient or allow the enemies lies to cause your faith to waver.  DON’T give the enemy the opportunity to rob your promise; God isn’t like man who lies.  It isn’t easy to be patient but it’s worth it at the time of fulfillment.  It can be completely tiring to wait, especially to see other’s walking in God’s will.  GOD WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISE FOR YOUR LIFE!  Was Abraham patient through the “waiting” period for the promise?  No, he slept with his wife’s handmaid, Hagar, who nearly destroyed his family.  If anything, we learn from this story, it’s better to wait on God. 
     Lastly, we need to allow our faith to bring glory to God. “Abraham was FULLY PERSUADED that God had power to do what he had promised.  This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Romans 4:22)  How do we bring glory to God with our faith?  We are persuaded ONLY God can fulfill it.  I don’t have to work on this or that; God is powerful enough to take care of it.  So, many times we try to “help” God out to rush the situation along.  It’s time to re-evaluate our faith, are we persuaded God is powerful enough to do it?  Maybe the waiting period was to make us recognize, we can’t do it.  It’s all up to God!  If that doesn’t take the pressure off, I don’t have to do nothing but trust.  God is preparing you for the promise; it may be sooner than you think.
     When the promise is fulfilled, it will be so amazing and beyond your imagination.  It doesn’t mean we are not fearful to step out of the boat but we trust the One who created the waters.  What has God promised you?  Take heart in this little truth, “If God said it, it’s done.” 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Past Hurts, Past Healed

     Guilt is a horrible weight to carry, it's really refreshing to see it leave. We don't realize the power of it's grip until it vanishes. Sometimes God will bring unique experiences into your life to bring freedom. Tonight, I encountered just want I am talking about. About ten years ago, I was a youth/associate pastor of a church within a small hometown. On Easter Sunday, I started this ministry with great expectations, opportunities, and fear. Could I touch these kids? Would I make any impact? These questions are propably normal but I was determined to give it my all.
     Sadly, some people really never understand the sacrifices their pastors/leaders make. Yes, it's expected but it's not always easy. Before accepting this position, my husband and I just purchased our first house, had stable employment, and pregnant with our third child. Who would have expected God to open a door for ministry? It doesn't sound like the "perfect" time but it was God's time. Although the experience itself wasn't anything I expected, there were some very challenges situations. As the challenges came, I handle them with dignity, grace, much prayer, and discipline. Just as the youth was being unified, some circumstances changed unexpectedly.

     Without blinking an eye, I left "my kids" who I poured my heart and soul into. Since the day I resigned, I have carried a very heavy guilt-I failed God. All of the plans were different, life was changing complete direction, I wasn't sure if I made the right decision. Although God confirmed the direction, I still felt I deserted the youth. Have you ever wonder what God was doing? God is completely in control, His directions doesn't always make sense. It's just like the old hymn, "Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey." Oh, I have followed God's instructions but trusting Him with the outcome, well that's a different story.
     As Christians, we don't alway get to see the fruit of our labor. We sometimes only get to plant a seed, we don't get to see it grow. Sometimes, God allows others to continue the work you started. We don't get to water it, furtilize it, or harvest the rewards. Regardless of who does the work, we have to trust God with the results even if we don't see it. So, the enemy gets an opportunity to drown your heart with regrets and guilt. It's hard to hear God's voice with a record of guilt playing, "If only I did this." Although the past doesn't always have cheerful memories, it has power lessons. Hopefully, I don't have to repeat them.

     The beauty of living for God, we are making an impact if we walk upright, lovingly, and truthful. No matter what, I choose to live my life for God with all I am. I can't force anyone to serve God but I can lead the way. As Paul said, "Follow me, as I follow Christ." We can't lead others if we don't follow Christ. It's only through Christ, we have truth. The truth doesn't need fancy advertizing, great programs, or loud music to get the people's attention. It simply needs to be followed. People are hungry for the truth, the real truth-Jesus Christ.
     Tonight, I received a phone call from one of "the kids" in my youth group. It was just refreshing to hear his voice, discuss our past, but to see the impact. During the conversation, he said, "I believe God brought you during that time just for me." "You will never know the impact you made on my life." If I touch one soul for the kingdom of God, I can touch the world. Sometimes, it's the smallest opportunites that bring the greatest impact. After the phone call, I felt a real release of guilt. A peace of heart, confirmation of my calling, and a smile to my face was God's medicine for me. What's so amazing to me is God's timing, I am completing the final stages of getting my ministerial license. God's directions don't always make sense but His timing is precious. God will always confirm His call through the Word, His Spirit, and others.  What I cherish tonight is His beautiful timing to reasure me, I am in His hands.
     So, the past has lessons to teach us, we have to let it go. It isn't the easiest lesson to learn but if we hold on to it, we can't grip the future with both hands. God has beautiful plans, a great future for me. If we want the best for our future: we have to seek the face of God, trust God with our life, and let go of the past.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


     Words can move a heart to feeling but compassion moves a life into being. It's easy to be moved by the stories of the evening news with all of the horrific, tragic, and scary situations. Although the news can seem unrealistic with being on television, doesn't effect my community, or my daily life. What happens if it does? How do you respond to the cry of the innocent who are being victimized or taken advantage of? Do you ignore the cry? Do you believe someone else or government agencies will take care of it? What if the only option to help the person is YOU?
      Just recently, I was faced with this situation, the person's name will not be shared. A friend from church offered me a job to assist an elderly gentleman who is not able to care for himself. This gentleman is a veteran who fought in the cold war, has two grown daughters, and worked very hard in his life. Besides two cancer spots on his back, this man is completely healthy for being eighty-four. Right now, he is deterating during the finally stages of life but he always makes me smile. He calls me, "Babe." This nickname doesn't bother me, it brings light into his eyes because he knows I care.
     As I started to care for this man, I couldn't ignore the horriable mess of what was occurring in his life. Before I was hired, a neighbor down the street (two houses down) was assisting this elderly man. Although the neighbor hired me, he wasn't allowed to enter the house because of an investigation of fraud, stealing over 40,000 dollars, and numerous other tragic acts of injustice. My heart was outraged to learn all of the details of this injustice. My first week on the job, I met the elderly man's daughter who flew out of state to come assist her dad. Through the accounts of the daughter and the police detective, I learn just exactly what happened, I can't wait for justice to be served.
Compassion doesn't just move the heart but it must take the hand of the hurting, get involved in their mess, and see the hurting to victory.   Sadly, I believe we are neglecting the hurting cries for relief because we don't have a heart of compassion. Regardless of where you live, a soul is a soul who needs the love of Jesus.  

      During the few days of the daughter's visit, I was present to help her with her father's affairs. The neighbor had all of the keys to man's house, locked belongings in a spare bedroom, and gave medications or didn't bring them. So, the first day, we had to take her father to the doctor. It's sort of funny, we left my van at his house, so the neighbor would believe Charlie (not real name) was home. The daughter had only one key to the house but only accessible to a door on the side of the garage. The only outside access would have to come from yours truly climbing over the fence because the gates are locked with no keys. We lock the house and left to take Charlie to the doctor in a convertible Mustang. We can't place the wheelchair in the trunk because it's too big, so it sits next to me. I am holding the wheelchair so it doesn't knock Charlie on the head. I bet this was a sight to see down the road, I am laughing now. Anyway after the doctor's appointment, we arrive back home, so I climb the fence. As I climb the fence over, I rib my pants perfectly in the center.
I looked like a cowgirl wears chaps but with no pants. It was a sight! So, I try to unlock the door because I need to get Charlie inside to rest and his medication. Well, guess what! The door wouldn't unlock, so I had to go to the shed to get a chisle and a hammer to break into the house. (We called the detective first). Amazingly, no one called the police or opened the doors to find out what was going on. Maybe they were scared of the caregiver with a hammer, chisle, and opened pants. My only concern was to get Charlie into the house to care for him. So his daughter and I would take turns after I broke the gate down, to check on him.
     Just as we got the gate opened, a neighbor across the street just came back from the store. She came to our rescue and allowed Charlie to stay while I tried to figure out the next move. Charlie's daughter had to get to the courthouse to take care of the paperwork or it would be worse. Finally, I was able to get a phone to call a locksmith to the house. As you are laughing at my expense, I have a heart wrenching question, "What do you do?" "Would you have done the same?"
     It's easy to "feel sorry" for Charlie or to say, "What a horrible story!" At this moment, I had to really place my faith into action. Compassion can move your heart but if it doesn't move your feet, it's only empty words. If we are to impact this world for Jesus, we have to get our hands dirty.  Some may disagree with me but I believe God called me to minister to Charlie and his family. As the daughter shared with her family of the horrible details of her father's affairs, she was attacked verbally by her sibling. This family who was victimized by a deceitful man decided to attack each other instead of being joined for justice. Sadly, one of Charlie's daughters is a minister who hasn't called, come to visit her dad, or to my knowledge get involved. As the days passed, Charlie's daughter who I assisted said, "It's like night and day to talk to you and my sister." "I just can't get over the difference, thank you for being here." Honestly, I could have quit my job but I believe God had another assignment for me. If I gave the love of Jesus, I gave everything to them. I can't walk away from a family who is hurting, distraught, or frightened with enormous difficulites.
       Justice will be served for this neighbor very shortly, I am eagerly waiting. So many different emotions arise inside my heart, I want justice for Charlie. According to the detective, everything will be restored back to Charlie with extra monies. Although my employment was short lived, my love for Christ will make an eternal impact to this family. On the other hand, I can't get this uneasiness out of my heart, what if I was to show the love of Christ to Charlie's neighbor? Who does Christ want you to minister too? Is it the angry boss behind the desk who's marriage is falling apart? Is it the old lady next door who smiles at you? She is eagerly wanting to share her story or receipe to escape the lonliness inside her heart. If we are to have a heart of compassion, we have to move our feet. Who is God calling you too? It might be the person sitting right next to you, it's something to pray about.