Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On the Battle Line

As the ground shudders, his footprints thunder with each step he takes.  His very presence causes immediate fear and intimidation, he is enormous.  No ordinary man can face this man eye to eye, it’s impossible.  Yet, the words he utters brings a paralyzing fear to prevent the children of Israel to attack.  On a daily basis this giant comes to bring fear to the lives of these people, even the king refuses to protect his people.  The army is hiding in fear, the king is absent, and this giant keeps coming and it’s been forty days! (I Samuel 17:16) 

If you want to overcome the giant-you will have to smell his breath.  In other words, only a face to face combat will work.  Faith only needs an opportunity to work, size isn’t a requirement to conquer giants.  There is an old saying “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  Either we will join the crowd in fear or we will step out to see the impossible done.  Faith invites us to see the impossible; impossible is God's specialty.  Israel was willing to get ready for battle but they weren’t willing to fight. (I Samuel 17:21)  When the giant appeared, the army hid in fear instead of working together to defeat him. 
The enemy of your soul is going to taunt you with words of fear, may come to intimate you with his presence, and will refuse to leave until he is rebuke.  As David said, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?  David recognized the voice of the enemy in the midst, he brought this to the attention of the people.  Also, he revealed the enemy’s purpose was to “defy” the armies of the living God.  In other words, David recognized the giant for who he was-the ugly enemy who was attacking the children of God! All of God’s promises are true and hold a reward for the children of God.  Whoever defeated the enemy of the Philistines would get great wealth, marriage of the king’s daughter, and be exempt from taxes! (I Samuel 17:25)

     What’s very interesting David’s three oldest brothers were trained in Saul’s army, they choose to serve.  Yet, the moment David talks with the military men, Eliab gets angry with him.  He attacks David fourfold:
1.       His purpose

2.       Being irresponsible or un-capable to be among the men

3.       Pride/wicked heart

4.       Observe the war or not willing to lead
Keep in mind, the body will not always follow the leader God selects.  Yet, the language usually to attack a leader comes through the spirit of Eliab.  Eliab dressed like a warrior, sat in the camp, and refused to move to assist the people he was to protect or work with.  (That is another sermon) 
Sadly the army followed the heart of Saul, they hid in fear.  Why wasn’t the king dressed in battle?  Saul tried to prepare David with his artillery but IT DIDN’T FIT!  We can’t expect to fight the giant with other people’s weapons, we can only defeat giants with confidence in God.  Goliath fought to bring fame unto himself.  David’s battles were only seen by God in the desert, he learned to rely on God.  Keep in mind, David wasn’t comfortable or familiar with Saul’s weapons.  Instead he used what he was familiar with!  David approached the battle line with a staff, five smooth stones, and sling to come to the battle line.  It’s the weapons of a shepherd! 

Sometimes we get so intimated with the giant, we forget our own weapons or how to use them.  David was familiar with his weapons and so are you!  God’s Word never fails!  Giants still fall in the name of God! (I Samuel 17:45-47)  David ran quickly towards the battle line to meet him!  It’s time to fight your giant!  God’s name is still powerful, enemies fall face down in His presence.  Worship, the Word, the Holy Spirit, and the armor of God is all that available to all believers.  It's provided through God alone, His name guarantees it!