Sunday, May 7, 2017


It's been truly a season of weariness for my soul; it seems as if the promises of God are out of reach. My heart is tired, aching from the weariness of waiting, and surrounded with hopelessness.  Does God operate only in slow speed?  At the moment, it honestly feels this way.  As I have held unto the promised of God for so long; my grasp has been slowly letting go.  As the words of the enemy keep whispering, "God will never fulfill your calling!"  Deep within my soul I knew the truth, it's a lie completely from Hell.  However, it feels as if the mountain isn't standing around me; it's on top of me.  It's buried me deep!  All of the questions, fears, and the weariness of waiting has caused me to withdraw completely.  It's honestly broken my heart, the core of my being.  God spoke the world into existence with His word-nothing else.  Oh, how powerful are the Words of God!  So, what's the truth of the lesson?

During worship this morning, I felt the Lord stirring my heart to a story found in Genesis 26:12-25 about Issac.  Issac is working in the fields of his enemies and the Lord blessed him greatly; it was a hundredfold.  It was enough to get the notice of his enemies!  As Issac's wealth grew, so did the envy of his enemies.  Both were growing with strength and power, so the enemy tried to attack him.  All of the wells of Abraham were dried up due to the Philistines filling it with earth.  What a slap in the face!  A promise of God was given to Abraham; a promise to be carried through his family line.  Yet, it's buried deep within the earth.  Water once existed there, it's a place of remembrance!  It's named accordingly to the purpose and powerful promise of God.  Yet, the wells died with Abraham, it's only a distant memory until Issac takes the shovel.  

Faith must act with the Word of God, so it can come forth to completion. 

What has God spoken into your life?  It's a powerful Word of truth, power, and nothing can defeat it!  Yet, maybe it feels as if it's buried deep in the well; it's covered shut.  It's buried with all of the discouragement, despair, questions, and defeat.  Not only has the power of the well stopped; the opportunity to open the well is removed.  The enemy commanded Issac to move away because YOU HAVE BECOME TOO POWERFUL FOR US!  Wait a minute!!!!  Did you catch what the enemy said?  You have become too powerful for us.  What did Issac do wrong?  Absolutely nothing!  He was completely faithful, working diligently, and blessed for serving the Lord.  Sometimes we don't understand why the battle comes into our lives.  It wasn't anything Issac did wrong; it was the un-godly motives of his enemy!  Yet, maybe the battle was for Issac to recognize the power of God inside him. 

Although Issac didn't realize it, God was working in his life.  Issac moves to the valley of Gerar and settles there.  Although his motives are pure and true to the calling of God, it didn't stop the plan of the enemy.  We must understand God's calling is a precious gift; it doesn't come without warfare.  It doesn't come without our faith being tested, our character transformed, and a personal work of God within us.  

Issac is reopening the wells that have been dug in the time of his father.  What a beautiful opportunity to be allowed to honor his father!  All of the wells stopped after Abraham's death but Issac is bring them back to life!  All of the wells keep the original names spoken by Abraham; it was Issac's desire.  As the servants faithfully dig in the valley, something emerges from the broken ground-fresh water.  Issac heard about the promise of God but it had to be a personal encounter.  Issac couldn't carry the promise of God in his heart until he dug for it.  He had to personally see it, feel it, and believe it for himself.  It was a work God wanted to do within the heart of Isaac.  Out of brokenness heart God will bring about "fresh water" to our lives.  We are not only to hold unto the promises of yesterday; we are to dig for the present ones.  We are to be steadfast, persistent, and open to the direction of God's leading.

When we are truly called and blessed by God, it will be evident in the physical.  The fresh water was proof of God's blessing and the herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Isaac's herdsmen.  A quarrel of a jealous heart causes discord to prevent the work of God to continue.  It's interesting to me how the herdsmen who reside in Gerar didn't do any of the work.  Yet as the water comes forth, they make their claim.  So, Issac named the well, "Esek" and it means "contention."  If that's not a mouthful!  So, Issac moves on to dig another well but they claim it too.  So, he names it "Sitnah" which means "hatred."  Finally, Issac digs another well and names it "Reheboth." It means "spacious place."  When God makes a promise upon your life NO ONE can take the claim; it will be too spacious for anyone to hold.

As Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the sun."  It seems always people want to take credit for the work of others instead of taking a shovel to help.  Although the territory of the valley of Gerar was of Philistine origin; it didn't stop the blessings upon Issac's life.  May this give your heart peace especially if you feel as if you are in the enemies camp.  No matter where your feet may travel, God will always be with His children.  Issac didn't stop digging because the enemy pursued him; he keep digging until the enemy shut up.  NO ONE QUARRELED over the well!  Eventually, the enemy will get tired of pursing us, he can't conquer us.  The mission or call upon our lives may be attacked but it can't be stopped.  God will lift up our hearts as we eagerly pursue to dig the wells!  How can I be sure?  God appeared to Issac and He blessed him!  

"That night the Lord appeared to him and said, "I am the God of your father Abraham.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham." Genesis 26:24

The enemy wanted to cause Issac to stop digging the wells, he wanted to destroy or frustrate the work of his hands.  Yet, although the enemy pursued with a savage desire; it was quenched.  As the presence of God came to Issac at Beersheba; it was the solid well of oath.  It was the completed well of promise because Beersheba means "the well of an oath; the seventh well." (all of the definitions for the wells came from  

Issac was powerful to conquer the battle of the enemy because God was with him.  Not only was it a proven in the physical world but the enemy saw it.  When truly God does a work in our life; even the enemy will stand to watch. God will never quench the promise in our lives but He wants us to dig it out!  He wants us to purse it with an eager heart, anticipation of the promise, and fight until it's done!  Don't put the shovel down!  Pick it up and dig again!  God will give you fresh water, He will never allow you to die from thirst.  Don't you get it!  Issac had the last laugh!  He conquered the plan of the enemy because he didn't stop digging.