Friday, November 25, 2011

Unshakeable Faith

Upon the faces of my people, I see emptiness within their eyes.  Without a word being spoken, their eyes reveal the fear within their heart.  Our nation’s crisis is the topic of conversation because it’s what’s upon our mind.  Although it’s a fact, our nation is in a crisis.  Yet, it’s in the midst of crisis we learn what we believe and who we can trust.  Our choices brought this destruction upon us, so we must face them.  Although the hour of hope seems bleak, I will not waver in waiting for God’s promise: He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  Revival will come again but only if our hearts our steadfast in God.
     One of favorite professors in college said, “The church is a hospital: a place where the dying find life, the broken find healing, and the lost are found.”  Yet, as I have grown in the Lord, my heart is troubled with what I see.  As the church stands amidst a broken people, they are shouting the truth-Jesus saves.  Our shouts are being ignored: we have preached without compassion, power of the Spirit, and offered to mend their brokenness. As the church, we believe our message but she doesn’t know the power of the Messenger. 
     The church was founded on the day of Pentecost where the Spirit of God fell.  Do we realize the church was founded by the Spirit?  So, what makes us think we can survive without it?  We need to allow God’s presence in our midst; it’s the only way anything will change.  Yet, are we expecting God to do what He promised?  What are we expecting?  As Abraham in Romans 4:18-22, I desire to have faith credited as righteous before God.  Abraham considered the facts: he couldn’t physically fulfill God’s promise.  Besides being too old, Abraham’s wife couldn’t offer any hope, her womb is closed.  Also, she is near the age of Abraham.  Yet, Abraham refused to allow the voice of unbelief to steal his promise.  So, we must follow the faith of Abraham if we desire America to change or to receive God’s promise for ourselves. 
     Well, if we want to understand faith, we need to know the definition.  If I were to define faith-it is the unshakeable confidence that God will do what He said. Sadly, many people misunderstand what faith is.  Faith is established from a personal relationship with God.  Faith will not grow unless it’s nurtured in the source.  Faith isn’t just a belief in God’s creation or existence.  The demons believe in God and tremble with fear.  (James 2:19)
          The ultimate reward of our faith is God, so it’s established in Him.  Yet, we have to abide in Christ, so we can receive all of God’s promises. Genesis 15:1 states, “After This, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram.  I am your shield your very great reward.”   The complete Word of God is powerful by itself; it’s only when we place our faith in God will His power be manifested in our lives.  It’s important to understand the power of faith, so we must protect it with all diligence.  Doubt, unbelief, and fear will whisper with our hearts to try to stop our faith.  We have to resist Satan’s voice or anyone who tries to stir us away from the truth.  Only through the Word of God will our faith grow, it’s built by hearing it. Also, it has to be nutured in the Word. (Hebrews 4:2; Romans 10:17) It’s so vital to daily invest in our faith because the world will do anything to break it.    
     Although we have faith in God, it doesn’t mean we are naïve to our circumstances.  We have to face the facts of the situation.  Yet, our faith in God will demolish any obstacle within our path to conquer the promise.   Before entering the Promised Land, the twelve spies were given the opportunity to inspect the land, touch the bounty of the land, and see the giants. ALL of the men saw the same exact thing, only two had faith in God to receive it.  We can either look at the physical circumstance or have confidence in God’s ability to supply.  What will you choose?  Our faith has the ability to close the mouth of lions, overcome weakness, demolish kingdoms, and silence any enemy.  In Hebrews 11, we can truly get encouraged through the lives of those who were confident in God.  All of the great heroes of the Bible faced difficulties, persecution, various temptations but GOD NEVER LEFT THEM.   He always walked with them, loved them, and protected them.  All of them faced difficulties but their victories were contributed to their unshakeable confidence in God’s ability to do what He promised.