Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pain Brings Healing

Pain doesn't discriminate; it comes to all who live and breathe.  No one will escape pain upon this earth, even our precious Savior suffered.  The nailed hands of Jesus don't only prove He understands our scars, He paid for our healing.  No matter how deep the scar; He can heal the soul.  As the painful memories surface, we can feel the pain re-surface or seem it's intensified to blind our faith.  The pain is so present, real, and overwhelming to our mind, it can causes us to question if God is present.  "Where is God?" Do I even matter to Him?" "Or  anyone?"  "Does God even know my name?"   If we are not careful, our feelings can control our lives.  It's not wrong to express the anger, frustration, or sorrow before God.  All of our feelings need to be worked through, so we can be made whole.  The book of Psalms truly reveals the heart of the writer, so it reveals the raw emotions we all experience in life.  Whether afraid, angry, burdened, or uncertain the writer expresses their honest heartfelt emotions to God.  The Psalmist was completely honest before God, he withheld nothing.  

In Psalm 13, David expresses the anguish of his heart, he was weary of the affliction. He felt forgotten (v 1); abandoned by God (v 1); Ignored (v 1); wrestled with thoughts (v 2); sorrow (v 2); and defeated (v 2, 4)   

All of David's feelings arose due to the feeling afflicted by King Saul who was savagely pursing his life.  Saul's jealousy for David caused a lengthy persecution lasting about eight or nine years (1 Samuel 27:1)  David openly expresses his emotions, the torment, and desire for relief from the hand of Saul to God.  He was weary from the length battle but God never left his side.  Besides David expressing his emotions, he expressed his faith to God.  He expressed his faith by turning to God (v 1); hope for restoration (v 3); trust in His unfailing love (v 5); rejoice at His rescue (v 3) called out to God (v 3); praised Him (v 6)

Trials have no set time period but they do have an expiration date.  Our pain doesn't have to keep us down, we can overcome it.  We can trust in God's unfailing love; He will hold us, mend us, and complete us.  We don't have to ignore the pain; we can express it.  It doesn't mean we are weak; it means we are human.  Our Savior understands our sorrow, our temptations, and intercedes in our behalf.  "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers from them ALL." Psalm 34:19

All season of our lives have value; a valuable purpose under Heaven.  Our character is sharpened, our faith renewed, and watching the majesty of God to bring good out of it.  When the pain seems dark; hold unto the light.  "You intended to harm me, but GOD INTENDED IT FOR GOOD to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:20)