Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Your Maker

     Maybe it could be the circumstance I am facing this week, I am very sober in heart.  Although we are born, one day we will die.  Eventually this time will come but no one knows the hour of its arrival.  Well, I guess we don’t really know the hour we arrive or our departure on this earth.   Death isn’t a topic we enjoy talking about or facing those final days, it can be very scary.  The beautiful truth we can be prepared for it's arrival.  
On Mother's Day, I was still very tired from work, so I was contemplating if I should visit a friend.  After church, I decided to visit him without realizing it would be my final visit.  Normally, I stayed two hours or watched some innings of baseball with him.  We talked about the normal stuff but we just watched the game very quitely.  We just enjoyed each other's presence or fellowship.  Without saying a word, we just enjoyed the moment of friendship.  Sadly only a few hours later, I received a call my friend was dead.  Although our friendship was short on earth, I still wonder if he knew Christ.  He was always open to prayer, conversation with God, and knew I cared for him.  Daily I would care for his needs because he was an elderly man who was unable to assist himself.  It never was a chore to me; it was a joy to make him smile.  As the days passed, I didn’t realize how attached I became to him.  Although we were different in age, life experiences, and circumstance of life we could share a smile, laugh, or a ballgame on television.  It’s seemed it was the littlest things that brought the most precious moments to me.
Life can bring beautiful opportunities to express love, it’s sad never to take advantage of it.  Love is the only language that can break the cords of disunity.  Love can bond two hearts to encourage, uplift someone, and transform life to blossom.  It was the ability to capture the soul to move for its true purpose-to know God.  There is no greater purpose or calling in this world but to intimately know God. Since the day of my salvation, it has been my quest to share the love of God.  No one wanted me but God.  Only through His love have I been awaken to life. 
      How do I love others?  It seems we make evangelism so difficult but it’s really simple, love them.  We have to invest our time, energy, and money into people.  Here are some ideas: have coffee with a co-worker who is really troubled at work, watch a ball game with an elderly man, and invite a new family from church to dinner.  It’s the only invest that’s eternal.  A man once said, “I came into this world naked, I will leave the same.”  “However, the only thing I can take to Heaven is people, so I am going to take as many as I can.”  What’s our mission in this life?  It should be to meet Our Maker-the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Yes, I have heard this saying with in a joking situation but it's serious. Are you ready to meet your Maker?  Life is short.  Without knowing God can truly impact your life but it will impact your eternity.
     Jesus was called “a friend to the sinner” who ate with them, prayed with them, and walked among them.  He didn’t ignore them, He reached out to them.  My prayer is the church will have a title of “being friends to the sinners” who needs to impact their communities.  So many children are being abused, broken parents with drugs, and hungry.  The elderly are ignored in nursing homes without family visits or friends call.  A drug addict lives alone in a hotel wondering where I go for help.  So many people need to experience the beauty of belonging.  God desires for them to meet their Maker, the only one who can mend the brokenness. 
      Someone is empty inside, God sees your brokenness.  Life can be restored, just like new.  Through the blood of Christ, we can meet Our Maker.  It doesn’t matter how dark you’re past, what sins you have committed, or what addictions Jesus paid the way for your freedom.  Life has purpose, you can belong, and you’re loved.  God created you to be loved, it is a powerful experience.  If you need Jesus, just call out to Him.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer but the deepest desire of your heart.  Surrender to Him, He will met with you.  Give the Lord all of the brokenness, the pain, and the sins.  He will take all of your ashes away in exchange for a life of beauty.