Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Just Not Fair

     “It’s not fair!”  As I could hear the heartache in my friend’s voice, I prayed for guidance.  “Tina, I am a good person!”  “I don’t deserve this!”  As we drove down the road, she continued to pour out her heart to me.  Life was pouring adversity upon her with a vengeance; most of it due to someone else’s choices.  It wasn’t fair, it simply wasn’t.  Yet, as my friend continued to pour her heart to me, I continued to drive. 
       “Tina, I am telling you these things because you have a connection with God."  "So, I am asking you to help me, God doesn’t talk to me as He talks to you!"  I said, "Yes, God does speak to you but your heart isn’t quite enough to hear Him."  "He speaks in a still small voice, it’s heard through prayer."  "As you develop a prayer time with God, His voice becomes familiar."  According to the Word, “His sheep know His voice.”  "God will always speak through His Word, with the gentleness of His Spirit, and His children to speak to you."  "At this moment, God is using me to speak to you."  "Yet, what God can speak to your life can change everything."  She cried, “How do I talk to Him?” “Or hear Him?”  I said, “When you get home go into your bedroom with no television, radio, and sit in silence.”  “As you sit quietly in the room, “Just seek Him.”  “He will never turn away anyone who truly desires Him.”  “Don’t you understand why Jesus died?”  “It was to draw you to Himself.”  "When the curtain was ripped in the temple, it opened access for all mankind to enter the most Holy Sacred place, His presence."
We are able to come boldly to the throne to receive grace and help in time of need.  He provided the access, we just have to come.  (Hebrews 4:16)  Draw near to God, He will draw near to you.  (James 4:8)
     As we continued our ride to the church, I could tell God was drawing her to Himself.  Yet, the Lord prompted a Bible character upon my mind.  So, I asked my friend, “Have you ever heard of Hagar?”  “No, who is that?”  It wasn’t long before I realized I hit the target inside her heart with this story.

 Abraham was promised to be the Father of many nations, a promise spoke by God.  Instead of waiting upon God, Abraham’s wife Sarah became impatient.  Sarah had an Egyptian handmaid whose name was Hagar.  Sarah told Abraham to sleep with her, he obeyed.  Hagar conceived a child who she name Ishmael.  As time passes, Sarah does give birth to the promised child, Isaac who would be the one to be used to fulfill the promise.  A great feast was made for Isaac but his brother mocked him.  So, he was kicked out of the house with his mother.  With only a small portion of food and water, Hagar is placed in a terrible mess, one not of her choosing.  She has no protection, only daily nourishment, no husband, and a small child to care for.  Did Hagar ask for all of this?  No, she only did what was asked from her master.  As the water runs out, so does her hope.  Yet, God saw her and heard the boy crying.

     As I told my friend this story tears rushed down upon her cheeks.  God sees the truth, He knows the whole situation.  As God heard the child and saw the fear of a single mother, He came to them.  God spoke peace to comfort the fear, gave promises to her, and provided for her.  (Genesis 21:8-21)  It wasn’t fair what happened to Hagar.  Yet, God didn’t allow those circumstances to hold her down, He walked with her.
     Life isn’t fair at times, it can be hard.  Yet, God is in our midst, He is mighty to save.  We don’t have to be afraid of the circumstances, God will walk with us.  He will open our eyes to see His provisions, protect our steps, and allow us to grow in His care.  Hope glistens in the light, God is light.  Until we listen to the voice of God, we have no direction.  God desires to speak, we just have to listen.  We just have to be still and know He is God.  (Psalm 46:10)