Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cute As A Button

On September 1, 1997, Labor Day, I gave birth to a beautiful 6lbs, 5 oz. baby girl.   Although I was only in labor for eight hours, I was overjoyed the pregnancy is over.  But the journey of becoming a good mother would be a challenge for me; I wasn’t raised in a Christian home.  Words cannot express the love of holding your child for the first time; it’s just a breath taking moment.  As I held Leah, I wept with joy as I dedicated her to the Lord.  As I kissed her little face, I was just overwhelmed with her beauty, how delicate, and so tiny she was.  After praying for her, I told God, “How beautiful she is!”  “She is so pure in heart, she has never tasted sin.”  The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “This is how I see you.
    Wow!  God’s comment truly touched my heart, I am pure to Him.  If you asked Jesus to forgive your sins, you are pure.   He doesn’t see the sin; He sees the blood of Christ.  May this truth enter your heart to give you a true revelation of who you are, a child of God.  The completed work of the cross and resurrection of Christ allowed this opportunity to anyone who believes.  Everyone is capable to coming to the saving knowledge of Christ.  God desires to send no one to Hell; it’s a personal choice of an individual.  God’s passion for man has always been the salvation of our souls, so we can dwell with Him.  Although our sinful state is very messy, God’s grace and mercy can make a sinner spotless.
     The best visual illustration in scripture is found in Zechariah 3:1-8 of what transpires as we pray.  All three parties are present before God: Joshua, Satan, and the Lord.  As we stand before the Lord, Satan is ready to accuse us before God.  Although Satan’s accusations are true, we are sinners.  We are guilty of punishment before God but the justice of God prevails because of the blood of Christ, we are guiltless.  Jesus stands in our defense and rebukes Satan and his  charges.  The One who chose us, redeemed us, and justified us completes the work. 
     As Joshua stands in filthy clothes, the Lord removes the all the evidence of the sin, it’s completely removed.  He removed the filthy clothes and replaces it with evidence of His forgiveness, rich garments.   The filthy garments are replaced with a clean turban and new clothes.  We are purified completely in mind and heart, we are a new creature.  Although Joshua stands purified by the redemption of God, he is instructed to walk in the ways of God.  Only through obedience to the Word, keeping His instructions, and do what He desires will we receive the reward, the salvation of our souls.  We are promised to dwell with God for eternity; Jesus is preparing a place for us.  We are symbolic to this world of the redeeming power of God; we need to declare to all men so they can have the opportunity.  We can’t force someone to serve God, He present the offer to them. 
     Right now, someone is feeling guilty of their past sins and feeling unworthy of God’s love.  You are not with hope, promise, or love.  We are all sinners, there is no denying this.  But although we were sinners, Christ still loved us enough to die for us.  You are wanted by God.  He is ready to do the work; it’s only if you are willing to come.