Monday, January 24, 2011

From Darkness to Light

     On my father’s side of the family, I have been the only Christian until two years ago.  My sister just recently gave her life to Christ two years ago; it was one of the greatest blessings in life.  Although most of my childhood memories are very painful, I didn’t want the rest of my life to carry those scars.  The scars of the past are healed but still visible to show their lessons, life is too precious to waste.  Nevertheless, the past has to be dealt with before the future can show its light.  Satan desires to keep us bond with guilt, shame, and whispers proof of our errors.  He longs to keep us down, so the power within us will stay there.  But as we realize the truth of our salvation, our worth, and the power of God’s Word we will break his grasp.  It’s only in the truth, we obtain the victory.   
     The body of Christ is suffering from an identity crisis; they don’t know who they are.  So, many believers are walking wounded of the past, they can’t accept the promises of God.  Feeling of unworthiness, self-hatred, and shame keep their faith from walking in confidence.  People have a distorted image of God who only punishes us; He doesn’t have compassion towards us.  So, many Christians don’t enjoy their intimate prayer time with God for this reason.  We bow our heads and expect God to bring a rod of correction upon us.  We see His hand uplifted instead of reaching out towards us.  May I remind you, we have a faithful, loving, and caring High Priest who can sympathize with us.  Jesus Christ was tempted in all ways, but without sin.  Hebrews 4:15 says “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way,  just as we are-yet was without sin.”.
     God doesn’t look down upon you with angry eyes or unwilling to reach out to you.  God has compassion towards all He made, YOU WERE MADE BY HIM.  What are you refusing to give to God?  Why are you holding unto all of the pain?  Within your heart, you may feel so weak.  So weak, you don’t know if you can reach Him. He is already there, He is waiting for you.  It’s time to allow Christ to heal the brokenness in your heart. 
     Matthew 12:20 says, “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory.”
     Christ came to heal the broken-hearted and to bind up their wounds.  God doesn’t want you walking around with a downcast spirit, He longs to uplift you.  How do you get out of a spirit of being downcast?  Put your hope in God, remember His promises, and praise Him.  (Psalm 42:1-11; Psalm 43:5) In other words, build yourself by knowing who He is-God.
     With all of the verbal abuse I suffered as a child, I had to re-program my brain, my heart, and my emotions to accept God’s truth.  Before I went to college, I never walked with my head held up.  I would always walk with my head down; I didn’t want to make eye contact to show the pain within.  Besides, I would always tell myself, it’s just not worth it.  If people really got to know me, they would laugh and walk away.  Satan will whisper doubts into your heart about your worth, your calling, and God’s truth about you.  Precious child, realize God knows everything about you: the hairs on your head, your thoughts, when you sit or rise and the deepest desire of your heart.  Also, He knows the pain you are carrying but He came to heal you.  Reach out to Him, the darkness does have an end but only in the Light.

From Darkness to Light
By Tina Wetor

In the midst of darkness, my soul aches.
My heart is gasping and reaching for healing.
Gasping for breath to find a moment to escape,
My voice screams to the voice for relief to the ceiling.

Can anyone hear my pain?
Look deep into my eyes,
Here is where the story lies.
A sinful life covered in stains.

Among the crowded people, I walk.
No one sees the pain or the dark scars.
Everyone is busy with all their talk,
Passing me by or driving away in their car.

Walking painfully down the lonely street, I seek.
Searching for peace in the lives of these faces
It's hard not to try to stare,
My hope is getting so bleak.
In the midst of life, I lurk.
Alone, broken, and a mere shadow,
Only love is what I thirst
But all I find is emptiness and shallow.
Pain, rejected, and alone tonight.
The mirror displays my reflection of fright.
The guilt weighs deep within my soul.

May the truth be told.
Is there good in me?
This simple questions is plaguing me,
My sinful soul years to know,
If there is truth to hold.

The tear fall quickly to the ground,
It’s the only sound my soul can make.
The aches can't speak aloud
Or show that my memories are not fake.
Someone please rescue me!

Please don't let me be.
My soul cries for protection,
I am pleading for some direction.
In the midst of darkness, I kneel.

A small gentle voice calls to me,
  "Come here to me."
Assurance, grace, and peace are around me.
A sweet and gentle presence is here,
 Hope within my soul is born.

A light shines dispelling all the fear,
To see Jesus-the truth revealed.
Grace has erased the stains,
 Mercy has pleaded my case,
As his nailed scared hands lift my face.

No more heavy guilty chains.
In the midst of darkness, I stand.
All of the tears are gone.
With my Savior hand in hand,
My life is reborn to praise His name all day long.